About Our Pics!

Well, its Craftyman here and im talking about our funny pictures. Now we need some ideas to get this website going so u can send us your funny pictures to me at

 mcmuffin0328@hotmail.com  or shady at techmanjake@hotmail.com so u can send us a funny pic of a funny animal or a funny picture of yourself! So what are u waiting for, you have nothing to lose! So come on do it alrready!! See ya later guys, Bye



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Lets Get Going!

Ok anyone who has seen this site and is reading this post, tell everyone about this site. Tell them on Runescape if you play that, Club Penguin, Chatting, anything that you go on, just get the word out about this site! Meanwhile, I will be telling my friends about it.


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This Site Is Gonna Kick …You Know What We Mean

shadyman: Pretty much the title says all, this sites gonna be big.

Craftyman: this site is about random crap. but not the retarted gooey crap, the nice and funny crap. u kno wat i mean!

~shady and Crafty~

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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About shady

my names Jake, im 11, and i live in Washington. thats all, now im gonna have to eat some cheese. oh and my hobbies are soccer and video games. im gonna hang up now... no you hang up! no you hang up... THAT JERK HUNG UP ON ME!

About Craftyman

My name is Drew, i live in Washington, and im 11. Also i play soccer and video games. and yea its the same as shady's information. anyways yea. So... nice wheather weve been having. And those Red Sox, made it to the superbowl.

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